1. Initial Consultation

This is to help access your specific goals and to map out a plan to best achieve them.


2. Company Setup

Cost effective holding companies are formed for holding properties. You will use either a retirement fund or a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Your advisor will let you know which will be more beneficial for you. If you choose an LLC, Glacier will setup a federal Tax I.D. number for you, and open a bank account for your rent collection.


3. Select Properties

Based on your goals you will choose specific properties to purchase. You and your Advisor will choose properties that meet your criteria for the purchase price, rental return, and location.


4. Purchase Properties

Sales Contracts, as well as Property Insurance, and Property Management paperwork will be completed. You will now own free and clear title to the properties.


5. Receive Your Welcome Packet

Glacier will create a packet of important information for each property that you purchase. This packet will include everything you need to easily and almost effortlessly maintain your property including:

• Property Information • Property Management
• Closing documents • Property Insurance
• Company documents • US Bank Information